CES takes the security of every building very seriously, whether it’s commercial, industrial, healthcare or otherwise. We know that every building has different requirements and levels of security, hence our wide range of cylinders and optional extras where more specific needs are required.

Recently, CES have developed a partnership with the Anti-Ligature Shop, working together to deliver our range of products to settings that need that extra level of detail and care in the planning of their locking systems. With our locks known for being notoriously difficult to access without its specific key, we can confidently share our products and services with the toughest of security conditions.

Anti-ligature products are essentially equipment or materials that prevent the tying or binding of objects, specifically designed to prevent vulnerable people from accidentally or intentionally attempting to harm themselves or another individual.

Unfortunately, there are many secure settings where anti-ligature products are needed to prevent harm on any human being. Mostly, this is confined to the healthcare setting, where sectioned individuals need to be refrained from self-harm or attempting to hurt another by using the basic fit out of a building.

The make up of the building must be carefully considered to ensure that the risks are minimised, if not removed. This means that specific devices and materials are used, such as door handles, hinges, sensors and covers are used to maximise the safety of the area and remove the potential of binding and self-harm.

The security in these environments must be the highest level so that these vulnerable people cannot put themselves at risk and the staff are equally as protected from harm as the residents or other building users. The locking systems must be designed to specifically target their needs where that extra level of protection and care is required.

CES’s specialist function cylinder systems offer the extended requirement that such an environment needs in a locking system. The additional extras that we provide were designed specifically for instances like this are perfect for these specialist areas of healthcare that may be in need of such products.

Specifically, our anti barricade, panic function and classroom cylinders are just a few of those that feature in use in many secure and anti-ligature environments.


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