Ensuring security within your building can be one of the most important aspects, often fundamental to your business’ resilience….

Whether a facilities manager, asset owner or security manager, it can be difficult to keep track of your locking system, and therefore the owners of keys, and the individual access they have. Mistakes happen, keys can be lost or stolen, but it is the level of risk this creates that matters. With patent protection you can be assured that lost or stolen keys cannot be copied.

CES’ latest locking system range has a patent that runs to 2038, meaning the keys you order will be the only keys for your locking system. Unless, of course, you need to order more, or want to extend access, but with key duplication protection under patent law, keys can only be duplicated on your request, using your unique authorisation code.

CES provide an extra level of protection with our security reference cards for authorised owners. This is not only for your safety and security, but it also helps you maintain control over your locking system.

Patent protection means copies can only be created through the manufacturer or partnered locksmiths who have the authority and machinery to duplicate any CES keys. Patented key systems provide peace of mind and control over your building’s security.

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