Flexible to your needs

Be prepared and able to fit a wide range of different lock variants carrying a minimum number of parts in one comprehensive and flexible kit.

The kit provides a lock case with the basic backset of 30mm. By simply pushing on the spacer strips included, the backset can be increased to as much as 45mm. The kit also includes dead bolt and latch bolt heads appropriate for the respective backset.

As delivered, the lock case is set for a centre distance of 92mm but it can be quickly and easily pushed together to the desired dimension, down to 72mm.

With the supplied flat forend options and a U-section forend, almost ever possible lock variant can be reproduced. Moreover, two reducer sleeves permit a reduction of the follower from 10 to 9 and 8 mm, respectively.

System description

High quality

Tested to standard DIN EN 12209:2004-03

Quick fitting

Simple to assemble and fit

Simple reordering

Always carry a complete kit. Individual parts can be reordered as required.

Short response times

No need to order on customer request or wait for delivery.

Reduced costs

Minimise the number of parts carried / held in stock.

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Vario Flex

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Vario Flex


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Vario Flex

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