Each and every lock case and cylinder we sell is hand assembled, and every key cut to code from our workshop in Kent.

The precision and accuracy our Assemblers work to, and the thorough testing of each and every lock before it leaves us, is what makes CES locking systems world renowned.

But our service doesn’t begin and end with the manufacturing of locking systems. We work in collaboration with architects, design teams and the end-user, as early in the process as possible, to plan a locking system specific to their project. We are more than manufacturers of high-quality, precision locking systems, we are experts in security and managing building authorised access plans.

For existing buildings, we bring our expert guidance as to how to overcome issues with locking systems being out of patent, if they’ve lost control of the system over time, or have too many keys, or broken keys.

Beyond installation, we can provide ongoing technical support should you have any need to change your authorised access plans.

Get in touch to discuss your building's security and authorised access issues