Our products are high quality, built to last decades, but our master key systems are also designed to be long-lasting, futureproofed for any space reconfiguration or change in building requirements.

We don’t just plan and manufacture your locking system. Our expertise goes beyond supply and installation, we are on hand to offer technical support for any changes to a system that your building demands.

We provide guidance on how to manage and maintain a successful master key, or any other locking system – including adjustments to a master key system heirarchy, lost keys, broken locks or cylinders, and any other issues you may experience.

We also carry out system inspections to offer you our expert advice, and analyse what possible improvements can be made on your existing locking system or plans, including servicing, maintenance and repair packages for end users and building facilities managers.

Did you know?

Fire door locks have a bearing on the correct functioning of fire doors and therefore, safety regulations. Annual checks should be carried out in conjunction with checks on door closers and lever furniture to check operation.

All mechanical products require care to ensure their function is maintained and their overall life is maximised.

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