• Unsure whether your building can benefit from a master keyed system?
  • Baffled by the standards and differing levels of security on offer?
  • Maybe you have specific standards of security or other regulations you need to meet?

We can review and analyse your existing building or new development plans and offer our expert opinion on improvements and adjustments to your designs for the best possible security and access control, tailored specifically to your building’s use.

Our consultancy service can help you to understand the right products and level of security which is most appropriate to your buildings needs. Each one of our advisors are highly qualified, having worked in security solutions for many years and dealt with the most complex and sophisticated of systems. They also have an indepth knowledge of current building standards, regulations and product performance, to advise you on the correct choice for your project.

No project is too big or too small. A locking system must be planned to a high standard for its occupants and management to receive the full benefit, for the building’s current use, and into the future. Our experts can help provide you with the knowledge and care you need to help your building reach its full potential.

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